ÜBERTOPF – Bowl L | Plant pot | Grey Terracotta KRISTINA DAM

Bowl | Large | Plant pot | Terracotta

Terracotta with Grey Engobe
18 Ø x 22 H cm

The Bowl from Kristina Dam Studio is an eye-catching piece. The bowls come in four different sizes and are all made from terracotta with a grey slip (engobe). The interior is glazed making it water resistant. The exterior of the bowl features a textured band, impressed into the clay.
Kristina Dam is a graphic designer and architect based in Copenhagen. Kristina design studio creates collections of interior accessories, furniture and prints -  "defining nordic sculptural minimalism." The designs have a distinct Scandinavian and architectural expression, with clean lines and beautiful, durable materials in natural toned colours. Every piece is designed down to the finest detail and really adds attitude, a sculptural and a graphic touch to interior design. All products are manufactured within the European Union and shipped worldwide. The entire selection of three legged bowls from Kristina Dam Studio is available in four different sizes. Use the bowl as a sculpture or a flowerpot.

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