SKULPTUR – Cupola Sculpture off-white ceramic Earthware KRISITINA DAM

Cupola Sculpture | Off-White | Earthware Sculpture

Earthware with Off-White Glacing

High 33,5 H x 24 L x 5,5 W cm
Medium 21 H x 30 L x 5,5 W cm
Low 12,5 H x 22,5 L x 5,5 W cm
A single stroke with the pen. A single curved movement creates this dome-like structure we have named The Cupola Sculpture. Made of Off-white glaced earthware the design is inspired by the architectural design aesthetic of classical arches, domes and pillars. The Cupola Sculpture is a three piece sculpture. Arrange and lay out the three sculpture arches as you find most inspiring. If you are looking for a beautiful and head-turning scuilptural art piece for your home interior, Cupola Sculpture is the right piece of high end interior accessory for you. The Cupola Sculpture is also available with a breathtaking tabacco brown glacing. Give the earthware sculpture the prominent display it deserves in your home. Utilise shelf space or place the sculpture on your mantel piece or put in on a pedestal for the perfect display. A perfect modern pedestal might be our black steel Pedestal Table.

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