Kleiderständer - Gestus valet, schwarz

Gestus Valet is a clothes stand which is perfect for organizing your clothes in a beautiful way.
Use it to hang your clothes, shoes, hat and jewellery overnight or to prepare your outfit for the following day. Gestus Valet is your private servant that attends to your personal needs.

It comes in black or white. The black Gestus Valet comes with a black high gloss globe knob and the white edition comes with a white high gloss globe knob. If you wish to customise your Gestus Valet, you can buy additional knobs in black, white or dusty peach.

All our products are manufactured in the EU.


Powder coated metal.

Color and finish:
Frame: Matte finish in black and white. Globe Knob: High gloss in black, white and Dusty peach

W40 x H125,5 x D33,5 cm

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